• Track, verify, pay and reconcile all gratuity received.
  • Powerful filters to rapidly find and analyze the data you need.
  • Our intuitive rankings by departments and employees are a great way to identify your top performers.


  • Ratings provide you business intelligence on actual Guests/Members real-time experiences.
  • Enables you to proactively manage your property´s all important reputation 24/7.
  • Easily analyze all ratings by star value and comments.


  • Quickly recognize and address underperforming staff or departments.
  • Provides critical business insights on Guests/Members, identifying valuable future business opportunities.
  • Export data to multiple convenient file formats.


  • Create and push offers to a captive audience instantly generating revenue for your property.
  • Evaluate how successful each offer has been so you can maximize future earnings.
  • Communicate real-time with Guests/Members 24 hours a day!

Additional Features

Our dashboard software permits you to easily export data to your accounting software so that reconciling accounts and payments is simple for your staff.

We’ve designed Gratuii so that it seamlessly integrates with the most widely used Property Management Systems (PMS) in the market.

Provides excellent security by allowing administrators to manage access by assigning user roles.

Gratuii is a breeze to implement and operate while requiring minimal training for your staff.

Easily create and edit your property profile to customize Gratuii to your needs.