The Gratuii service app is your team´s golden ticket to increasing their earnings while strengthening your property´s reputation and customer loyalty

Motivated employees are critical to putting your property on the fast track to success and our app is the ultimate tool to help them facilitate unforgettable Guests/Members experiences


  • Ensures 100% of all services provided are a tipping opportunity constantly motivating your staff.
  • Allows your team and management to track and analyze all tips/ratings so they can continuously improve upon their results.
  • Gratuii´s ratings system ensures your Guests/Members will always receive excellent service anytime anyplace!


  • Enables your team to swiftly respond to any Guests/Members requests and follow up to ensure they are satisfied.
  • Status feature allows staff to update Guests/Members in real time on the progress of their request.
  • Availability settings ensure only staff able to provide assistance are reached.


  • Enables service staff to seamlessly communicate with Guests/Members who contact them for a request.
  • Facilitates team collaboration and allows staff to rapidly find teammates whose help they might need to handle requests.


Provides a convenient way for staff to receive messages from your management team and to stay informed about offers sent to Guests/Members.