• Gratuii’s Bluetooth and GPS powered app enables your Guests/Members to quickly identify service staff or a department, then simply click on the picture to tip or rate as desired. VOILA!
  • Guests/Members can also instantly rate their experiences so your property gains indispensable business intelligence.
  • Ensures Guests/Members always avoid awkward or embarrassing situations.


  • Enables your Guests/Members to immediately rate and provide feedback about staff, departments or categories anytime anyplace!
  • Helps properties to truly understand Guests/Members experiences and identify areas or staff that need to improve.


  • Using Gratuii, Guests/Members can always find the staff they need to request service transforming your entire team into a 24x7 concierge!
  • Keeps Guests/Members informed of the status of their request every step of the way.
  • Gratuii’s chat feature allows Guests/Members to easily communicate with any staff handling their requests when needed.


  • Allows your captive audience of Guests/Members to receive incredible offers which they can easily redeem using promo codes.
  • Provides a simple way for properties to notify Guests/Members about events and activities.

Additional Features

Allows Guests/Members to link family or friends who can then also enjoy its benefits using the same account.

Using “My Gratuii”, users can easily monitor their tips in order to keep track of them.

Users can always adjust their preferences for a more personalized experience.