Gratuii Story

Our name comes from Gratuity “From Old French gratuite (French gratuite) from medieval Latin GRATUITAS (a free gift) 1520’s GRACIOUSNESS to thank someone for services rendered. To be kind, gracious and genuinely thank someone for providing service.”

We wanted to create a contactless digital wallet app that was 100% percent safe for both users and service providers that required no personal or bank information. That’s when the idea of Hotels, Condo Residences and Member Clubs hit us. Anyplace where people already had an established account or folio where they could post tips to. Once we started our design, we consulted with many leading hospitality experts that provided us great insight. They told us what would really differentiate us is if instead of just a digital tipping app. we could create a full-service app that enhances people’s day to day experiences. That’s when we realized we wanted to provide an app. that enabled people not only to tip anyone anywhere anytime but also provide feedback on their experience by having instant rating capability. To provide them with 7/24 real time concierge like service request capability. And lastly knowing their interests as they are a captive audience provide them with meaningful and exciting offers. Hence we developed the first hospitality specific app. that enables users to tip, rate, request and receive offers anytime anywhere all with one simple and easy to navigate app. Hospitality Business Owners also receive a robust dashboard software tool with numerous dashboard analytics to better serve and understand their current and future clients. Enhancing peoples experiences while motivating and rewarding service providers for excellent service is our core vision and why Gratuii was born!

About us

We are a diverse group of entrepreneurs and professionals from all corners of the Americas that are passionately committed to enabling great service powered by easy to use technology. Our team, based across the Americas, includes team members that combine tremendously visionary executive leadership, international commercial expertise and deep ties to the hospitality industry so we are confident that Gratuii will be easy to use, and helpful in growing your business as well as deepening relationships with your customers.