Gain valuable BI (Business Intel) & KPI (Key performance Indicators) on your Guests / Members

Instant Revenue Generating Center by providing attractive offers to Captive audience!

Why Gratuii

Totally Free for properties, Universal Guest/Member adoption & easy to implement.

100% safe and secure way for Users to tip, rate, request & receive offers.

Rewards and motivates your staff, while providing you invaluable dashboard analytics.

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Our club revenue has increased a lot with Gratuii because members really like how easy it is to receive and use ...

Adam Rivas

General Manager

I travel a lot for work and I can tell the difference when I’m staying at a property that uses Gratuii because y...

Frank Martin

Head of Security

Gratuii is a HUGE help for me because it eliminates awkwardness when tipping when I travel and also let’s me get...

Tom Collins

Meeting/Event manager