100% Safe

First and foremost, Gratuii is protecting both Guests/Members and all Service Providers health as a contactless tipping App.

Earn More

Global statistics show that digital tippers tip more often and in larger amounts than those using cash. Since most Guests/Members today use smartphones, Gratuii Service is your team's golden ticket to earning more income by ensuring every service provided is a gratuity opportunity.


We only track and post gratuities to an established account where a guest or member settles their bill without the need for digital wallets or bank information. This is the beauty of Gratuii and why its 100% safe.


Gratuii is 100% free for Hotels, Resorts, Clubs and Condos. There are no sign up, installation or training fees whatsoever. Additionally, we provide you invaluable dashboard analytics so your property can make well informed data-driven decisions.


We enable you to create meaningful real-time offers to your captive audience that they can easily redeem using promo codes instantly generating revenue for your property.


Our solution is easy to implement, seamlessly integrates with the most widely used Property Management Systems (PMS) in the market while enable’s admin users to easily export any information into desired file formats and accounting systems for reconciliation.


Our intuitive, mobile-friendly Gratuii dashboard empowers you to review and analyze real-time information so your property can make well informed data-driven decisions.This includes critical business insights on Guests/Members to identify valuable future business opportunities and powerful filters to rapidly find and analyze the data you need.

Reputation Management

Gratuii's ratings provide you instant feedback on actual Guests/Members experiences that enable you to proactively manage any negative scenarios that arise protecting your property´s all important reputation 24/7. Easily analyze all ratings by star value and comments, recognize underperforming staff or departments as well as using our intuitive rankings to identify your top performers.