How to determine the appropriate tip?

05 / 12 / 20

How much do you tip the valet guy? Should you leave something for a housekeeper whose name you don’t know? How does tipping work abroad? One of the most awkward and possibly embarrassing situations when travelling is to figure out the appropriate tip when dealing with hotel or restaurant staff especially when visiting a place or receiving a service you’re not familiar with. This is particularly stressful if someone is shy or would simply like to be discreet when providing gratuities. While there are lots of great resources out there on the internet or within mobile apps the reality is all markets are fluid and times change. This is why the average tip information on the Gratuii member app is such a useful and dynamic feature. Simply put, it gives you a good reference point so that you know you’re in the right ballpark while also allowing you the flexibility to increase or decrease it as desired depending on your satisfaction with the service provided. When you have some time to explore further within Gratuii we also encourage you to check out the Gratuii stats section where you can also see the average ratings for departments at the properties you visit or My Gratuii which let’s you track your tipping trends. As we look to expand beyond North America in the future this feature will be even more relevant to account for different cultures, traditions and practices in other regions or countries. Feel free to let us know if there are any other features that you would like to see in Gratuii so we can keep them in mind for future releases.

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