Gratuii motivates your staff to deliver excellent service at all times while our dashboards collect detailed data analytics and key performance indicators (KPI´s) that serve as your reputation management and revenue center software all for FREE!

All they need to do is fill out the form on our Contact Us section and we will reach out shortly to get the process started.

Gratuii is 100% free for Hotels, Resorts, Clubs and Condos. There are no sign up, installation or training fees whatsoever.

Our Gratuii Service app and Dashboard Software track every tip made and posted to your guest, member or condo owners accounts. You simply collect these tips and pay your staff accordingly.

Absolutely! Global statistics show digital tippers give more and do so more often. Gratuii ensures that every service task is an opportunity for them to take both their service and income to the next level.

No. You have to sign up to work with us in order for them to receive tips.

No problem. We will walk you through an option to assign them a bluetooth beacon card.

Absolutely, we track ratings, requests, offers redeemed and much more.

They love Gratuii because it’s so easy and convenient. Never again will they feel awkward or embarrassed about not having cash. Also, they now have a 24/7 concierge team at their fingertips and the ability to instantly rate their experiences as well as any service provided.

Gratuii is a groundbreaking app that enhances Guests/Members experiences by enabling them to easily tip and rate anyone anytime anywhere, request services 24/7 and receive meaningful offers.

It´s the safest, most convenient and contactless way for Guests/Members to thank service providers for assisting them. In today's cashless society never get caught in an embarrassing or awkward situation ever again. Gratuii also provides you the ability to rate real-time experiences, request service 24/7 and receive exciting relevant offers all within one easy and simple to navigate app. Your key to truly enhanced Guest/Member experiences.

Gratuii instantly searches by picture and proximity to display the staff nearest to each guest or member therefore allowing them to easily provide gratuity, rate the service received and also leave comments. It also allows them to easily communicate with the property in order to make requests or take advantage of valuable offers.

Yes, Gratuii is 100% free for any guest/member to download and use app. We do charge a nominal fee on every tip transaction to track, verify and post to their members account or guest folio.

Yes our app is available for both operating systems.

Gratuii has many great features including the ability to link other users, compare average tips and ratings or redeem offers for promo codes amongst many others. Check out the “Our Solutions” page to find out more.

You can only use Gratuii at condo properties, clubs and hotels that have signed up to work with us.

No. This is the beauty of Gratuii and why its 100% safe. We only track and post the gratuity to an established account where a guest or member settles their bill.

A safe and simple to use app. for Hotel, Resort, Club and Condo service providers. A contactless way for them to receive tips and to preform requests for guests/members.

Global statistics show that digital tippers tip more often and in larger amounts than those using cash. Since most Guests/Members today use smartphones, Gratuii Service is your team´s golden ticket to earning more income by ensuring every service provided is a tipping opportunity.

No. Employees and staff members should download Gratuii Service which is a separate app on the Google and Apple stores.

100% Gratuii Service is a totally free app. Gratuii does not charge any fees whatsoever.

Typically no, however they are entitled to charge users the standard merchant account fees associated with credit card use.

No. A property has to sign up to work with us in order for an employee or staff member to receive tips.

No problem. The tip is recorded and once the guest or member goes online they can confirm it. If a staff member is unavailable, guests or members can still look them up by name in order to provide gratuity.

Yes. Properties have the option to assign staff members bluetooth beacon cards. This means guests and members can still select an employee from a listing provided by the property.

Gratuii Service has many great benefits including easy tracking of tips received, features to satisfy guest or member requests and chat functionalities amongst many others. Check out the “Our Solutions” page to find out more.